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       Jiada focus on the ship SNP and IMP&EXP agency business, establishes a sheer size database with huge amount of ship resources and advanced network service system,  we can offer timely and accurate ship information. Jiada becomes the preferred partner of many ship owners and brokers in SNP business.

Jiada has imported and exported hundreds of ships in total and contracted capacity of more than 600,000DWT by the beginning of 2016. With abundant resources, perfect service, professional team and the concept of good faith, Jiada wins the majority trust and praise, become the biggest IMP&EXP sales enterprise of southeast China.

Besides, Jiada has enjoyed success in field of ship construction, our dockyard creates exclusive ship construction solution according to the special requirements from every customer. Jiada built and modified more than 10 ships for foreign ship owners these years, received a wide range of customer recognition.

Jiada alliances with partners and sets up associate companies as our continued expansion of business. We have entered the field of ocean shipping & maritime engineering and made a good development trend.  Right now, Jiada is pressing forward in the own unique way.

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